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Aisling Árann is a balance between all four perspectives and more besides. Its symbol is the spiral, opening out into ever wider regions, never quite defined. Each of us will tend to view Aisling Árann from whatever our own dominant perspective is. Each perspective has its own image of what Aisling Árann is or should be:

SENSATE people's primary desire is for a structured organisation.
Aisling Árann is an organisation, a registered company, with fixed aims and articles of association. Its rules require an annual general meeting, elections of directors and officers, and audited accounts. Authority is hierarchical.

INTUITIVE people's primary desire is for the living out of a vision or dream.
In Aisling Árann the "Aisling" is what is important. 'Aisling' means 'vision' or 'dream'. This is lived from the inside out. No structures, committees, meetings, or organisations are needed. Attempts to centrally organise are a threat to personal and household sovereignty. Nobody can own other people's "aisling" or interpret it for them. Aisling Árann is made up of individuals and households who each try to live their own vision. They are independent and sovereign, but may choose to be friends and allies.

THINKING people primarily want a project to get their teeth into.
Aisling Árann is an exciting project, within which all sorts of other projects and experiments can and do take place ... living an alternative lifestyle, running Killeany Lodge Pilgrim Hostel, publishing a magazine, growing a garden, building ecological buildings, rearing children without school, and so on. Each project can be independent, run by the people who have the energy for it, using structures that suit.

FEELING people like to have a network through which they can relate.
Aisling Árann is a network of people, not just on Aran but nationwide, and even worldwide. These people have elements of their personal vision in common. By being in touch, they give support and encouragement to one another. In the network there is no focus or centre point, and certainly no hierarchy of authority or organisation. The network operates through communication and visitation. It is based on friendship.

These are four very different views of Aisling Árann, all equally legitimate but not easily reconcilable. Just as the four functions sensation, intuition, thinking and feeling operate in each person to varying degrees, so too in Aisling Árann. But in Aisling Árann the four perspectives must be allowed equal weight so that a balance is created. It would not be right for Aisling Árann, made up of many different people, to have one dominant function.