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Aisling Árann, the organisation, is a registered company. To distinguish it from Aisling Árann as a NETWORK, as a VISION or as a PROJECT in this article we will refer to it as Aisling Árann Teoranta.
Aisling Árann Teoranta was incorporated as AISLING ARANN (THE ARAN PROJECT) on May 15th 1987. By licence of the Minister for Industry and Commerce the word "Limited" or "Teoranta" was omitted. Its registered number is 122032. Aisling Árann Teoranta has charitable status for tax purposes and does not pay corporation tax. The structure of the company is a standard model - limited by guarantee and not having a share capital. It has a Memorandum and Articles of Association drawn up by solicitor Niall O'Hagan of Donal O'Hagan & Co. Dundalk. The Memorandum contains a major part of the initial version of the Pilgrim Constitution. The rest is standard material with customised adjustments and inserts. Registration as a company legally binds Aisling Árann Teoranta in a number of ways. Among its legal obligations are the following: