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Aisling Árann began as The Aran Project, but people at the first AGM did not like the name. At that AGM in 1986, the name Aisling Árann was coined and The Aran Project was kept to be put in brackets as its English version. But in fact the two names have a completely different ring to them. Aisling Árann suggests an inspirational dream that is full of idealism and high hopes. The Aran Project sounds like something very concrete, something that is happening on the ground and is visibly taking place.The idea of a project suits certain people - perhaps the "thinking' types in Carl Jung's terminology. These people want to be involved in something. They want something to do. They are often intellectuals as distinct from dreamers. They have ideas and they like to see them materialising in concrete projects. They want to see results. But Aisling Árann is not just a collection of individual projects. It is a project of projects in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. As an all-encompassing project, Aisling Árann is very ambitious. Its objective is to work to create a transformed church and a transformed society based on right relationship. This sounds more like a dream or "aisling" than a project. However, the objective is to create this first on the island of Inis Mór. That is, to create on Inis Mór, among those who choose to live there and participate, a possible model of what a transformed church and a transformed society would look like if it was based on right relationship and rooted in Celtic tradition.