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A network is made up of individuals or of groups or a mix of both. People join the network by developing relationships with people already in the network. Through these relationships they meet others and so, over time, they become more and more connected. For as long as they continue to work at these relationships they will remain in the network.The type of work required for networking is all to do with

Right relationship means striking the right balance between being too close and being too distant. For each combination of people this balance point will be different. Finding and maintaining the balance point in a relationsip will produce good fruit, not just for the participants, but for many more around.
Good communication requires both good channels of communication and good content. The medium and the message must be both good. In terms of networking, good media for communication are:

Good content of communication requires the cultivation of such virtues as honesty, truthfulness, generosity, gentleness, forgiveness, kindness, hospitality, loyalty. Aisling Árann as a network is an attempt to describe a wide variety of connections to indiviuals, couples, families and groups from the perspective of Aran. Of course, each person in the network will want to see it from their own perspective and will describe a network centred on themselves. The Aisling Árann Network is a view of all the inter-relationships and inter-communications that are in some way connected with An Charraig, Killeany Lodge and the vision first enunciated on Aran in 1986.