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What would happen to Aisling Árann if one of these functions became dominant?

Sensation: Aisling Árann becomes institutionalised. Authority and control become hierarchical. Members lifestyles are regulated by an elected commitee. The Pilgrim Constitution becomes the law. Membership is strict, and clearcut rules are attached. Each member knows his or her place, and is clear about what he or she has to do.
Intuition: Aisling Árann moves nearer to being New Age. It becomes a haven for dreamers and mystics, psychics and visionaries, miracle healers and doomsday prophets. Strange things begin to happen - people who visit enter into a psychic world of heightened consciousness.
Thinking: Members of Aisling Árann begin to do rather than to be. Projects take over people's lives, damaging relationships, and losing sight of the wood for the trees. People get caught into manic action, losing natural rhythms, narrowly focussing on specific goals while being blind to the wider realities. People suffer from burn-out, and experience the sense of something missing in their lives. The projects thrive, but at enormous cost. Often the cost is people selling out their souls.
Feeling: Aisling Árann recedes into being little more than groups of the like-minded writing to each other occasionally, and getting together as friends once in a while. Those who once lived together break up into factions as they cannot get along. Meetings become a thing of the past, though there may be parties. Competition increases and cooperation decreases.
A healthy Aisling Árann will keep all of these functions in balance.