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At present there is room for people who operate out of each perspective:

Two clarifications may help to illustrate how people can choose to be involved in Aisling Árann in many different ways, either inside or outside authority structures. The first clarification is that being involved in the organisation, Aisling Árann, is only one way of being involved. The organisation represents one quarter of the nameable part of Aisling Árann. There are other structures and projects within Aisling Árann that allow for participation in other ways.The second clarification is that Aisling Árann, the organisation, has an authority structure which is not negotiable. This structure is hierarchical, that is, authority is vested in elected directors. This structure was established when the organisation was registered as a company. It cannot be changed without dissolving the company and setting it up as something else. The organisation is required by law to hold an AGM each year and to have elections according to clear rules. Within this structure, however, there is some room for manouvre.In conclusion, then, while it is not possible to substantially change the hierarchical structure of the organisation Aisling Árann, it is possible to be involved in Aisling Árann in ways other than through the organisation - through living the dream oneself, through networking and finding allies, and through common projects which may involve very different structures of authority and participation.